CS 321 Human-Computer Interaction

Eudora error message: There has been an error transferring your mail. I said: MAIL FROM: <> and then the SMTP server said: 503 polite people say HELO first

Reading: CD – Ch. 1

BDS – Intro & Ch. 1

Reading: CD – Ch.s 2, 3, 4

“Using Ethnography in Contextual Design”

Slide Comments:

In the overall class be sure to provide copious examples of good, bad, and interesting interface designs. I’ve found examples at a number of different web sites and have some of my own.

When presenting the ideas of system’s work models vs. user’s work model try to do it in the context of a poor application that the students could possibly identify with. For example, making schedules using SIS.

On this slide is an example from the Interface Hall of Shame. It is a good example of how designers/developers allow the underlying implementation of a system show through to the user in an error message. This is sometimes referred to as “geek speak”. It is the type of wording that results in user confusion and frustration. Some user will have feelings of intimidation and a lack of control.

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