Usable Vs. User-Friendly

HTML Checker

An example of a poor dialog box Long Description: Top grouping: Title: Warning Checkbox Options Check box 1: Show warnings Checkbox 2: Show comment warnings Checkbox 3: Show missing attribute warnings Bottom Grouping:  Title: Tan name program options Check box 1: enable programs Other check boxes : Flag 1 thru 20

Version 1

 Example of a poor dialog box Long Description: Dialog box from an HTML checker program.Title: Program flags Grouped Information: A list of check boxes listed 1 thru 60

Version 2

Better way to design the HTML Checker Program Dialog Box Long Description: Column 1: Lists optional messages: Internet explorer specific Netscape specific Deprecation Tags Obsolete Tags General Compatibility Helpful Tips Style Search Engine Meta Tags More Deprecation Tags Enable sound Column 2: explains what the optional messages are

Potential Design