Lab Use Rules

The online sign up sheet is currently under development.
Please use the sign up sheet in front of EB 3048 until further notice.

  1. This lab is to be used for CS 321, CS 425, and CS 499 Projects. Any other uses must have prior permission.
  1. To reserve the room you must sign-up for it ahead of time on the sign-up sheet outside of the door. If you find the room is empty and you decide to use it, you must put your name on the sign-up sheet at that time.
  1. Prototyping supplies are for the express use for projects in these classes. Do not abuse them.
  1. Use the fan for white noise to help reduce any distractions to the user.
  1. Use the poster sheets for your work and put them up for each session to “immerse” the team in the data and to jog the “group memory”.
  1. Do not adjust the cameras other than rotation and zoom.
  1. Erase the boards and leave the lab clean.