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Relevant Societies:

Association Of Computing Machinery

All off site links will open in a new window Association for Computing Machinery. One of the oldest and largest computer societies


Special Interest Group - Computer-Human Interaction. Part of ACM. GatewayCHI will shortly become an official SIGCHI chapter.

Gateway CHI

GatewayCHI is the St. Louis, Missouri Local Chapter of ACM SIGCHI, the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction.

St. Louis Web Developers and Web Designers

The St. Louis Web Developers and Designers Organization is an open, professional organization formed to facilitate communications between diverse professions involved in Internet/intranet design and development.

Society of Technical Communication (STC)

STC is the largest organization dedicated to technical communication. The STC organization as a whole has a long history of appreciation and support for user-centered practices.

Human Factor and Ergonomics Society

HFES promotes the knowledge about the assignment of appropriate functions for humans and machines from many different aspects


HCI and Usability Resources:

Grant Consulting

Local Consultants site containing information about user centered design, and usability testing procedures

Usability Toolkit

Free usability toolkit materials

Usability Toolkit

More free usability toolkit materials

User Interface Engineering

Jared Spool acts as a founding member of this successful and never-boring group of consultants. They focus on practical and effective UI techniques. Contains information on usability and paper prototyping.

What is Contextual Design?

Contextual Design introduces a customer-centered approach to business by gathering customer data from the field and using it to drive the definition of a product or process, while supporting the needs of teams and their organizations.

Ask Tog

Bruce Tognazzini is a recognized leader in human/computer interaction design. He is the key founder of the Apple Human Interface Group and acted as Apple's Human Interface Evangelist. His site contains many articles on usability.

Bad Human Factor Designs

A scrapbook of illustrated examples of things that are hard to use because they do not follow human factors principles.

Hall of Shame/Fame

The Hall of Fame/Shame is a collection of design solutions and mistakes using examples from interfaces in actually programs

Usability advice from one of the world's top experts in design, Jacob Neilson.

Card Sorting

Card Sorting is a technique for exploring how people group items, so that you can develop structures that maximize the probability of users being able to find items.


This is the online interaction forum for CHI 2002.

User Interface Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation - Home

This course covers the design, prototyping, and evaluation of user interfaces to computers which is often called Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

Designing the User Interface

The Designing the User Interface Booksite. Strategies for Effective Education and Training

Experience Design 1 by Nathan Shedroff

Experience Design 1 is a book about today's intersection of disciplines, such as: interaction design, information design, visual design, and more related methodologies are just parts of the whole.

Experience Design 1 by Nathan Shedroff Contents and Examples

Listed here are all of the examples and references in the book-Experience Design 1.

Information architecture card sorting. - free web and marketing advice.

Information architecture - design by card sorting

Interface Design and Development - site map

Interface Design and Development (IDD) is all about building applications and web sites that people can actually use!!

Joel on Software

I'm a software developer in New York City. I've worked at Microsoft, Viacom, and Juno Online Services. Almost everything you see here is written by me, and it reflects my (shall-we-say) unique sensibilities about software development.

Treemap 3.0 Home page

Treemaps are a space-filling visualization for hierarchical structures that are extremely effective in showing attributes of leaf nodes by size and color coding. Treemaps enable users to compare sizes of nodes and of sub-trees, and are especially strong in spotting unusual patterns. They were developed by Ben Shneiderman at the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCIL) of the University of Maryland, during the 1990s.

User Interface Engineering

User Interface Engineering is a leading research-driven company specializing in web-site and product usability. By providing usability information based on detailed observations rather than opinions, we empower development teams to create web sites, software applications, and other products that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Worst of the Web

Sometimes the worst can be the best. These pages are so out there that they will make you wonder why? How did these people come up with these ideas? Get ready for the weird and for the not so there.

User-centered Design

Easy-to-use products don't just happen. To create productive and enjoyable user experiences, IBM practices User-Centered Design (UCD), an approach that involves users in all phases of product development. UCD team members come from many different disciplines and work together to design a total product solution. Continual user input keeps the team in tune with what users want and need, and with how the design is measuring up.


Human-Computer Interaction resources


Directory of Human-Computer Interaction related websites

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